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Stay Healthy With A Pet!

March 30th, 2010

Scientific studies are now revealing that those who keep pets tend to be healthier than the rest of the population. While keeping a dog is obviously likely to result in owners taking daily exercise when they walk their pet, there are other less obvious benefits as well.  Research at Cambridge University in the UK has revealed that people with pets also tend to suffer fewer minor ailments such as colds and headaches.

It is no coincidence that aquaria are often included in potentially stressful locations such as dentists’s waiting rooms. Watching tropical fish swimming in an aquarium is known to be relaxing, leading to a measurable reduction in both blood pressure and heart rate.  This may help to account for the fact that the survival rate for people recovering from heart attacks is also higher among pet-owners than those without pets.

Adoption campaign in New York.

Adoption campaign in New York.

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Elderly Benefit Particularly From Pets

March 5th, 2010

The news that legislation is being proposed in the UK which would give elderly people the right to take their pets with them when they move into residential care homes or sheltered accommodation  is long overdue. Separation from a pet which has been a constant companion over a number of years can be incredibly traumatic. Furthermore, the benefits of pet-ownership for the elderly are well-established.

Young barhead budgerigars

Several years ago, two groups of elderly people took an active part in a study investigating the impact of pets on people’s lives.  The members of one group were given a budgerigar each, while the others received a begonia pot plant. Those with budgerigars showed marked changes in their lifestyle as a result of their new pet. They insisted on taking responsibility, by going out to purchase seed and other essentials for their bird’s care, and clearly become very attached to their pet.

There was also another more subtle change which the researchers recorded as well.  Keeping a budgerigar made their owners more outgoing and less introspective than had formerly been the case, and gave them a more positive outlook on life, as well as a new topic for conversation.