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Environmental vandalism in Brighton

April 16th, 2010

When BBC’s Countryfile programme visited the English city of Brighton and Hove recently to cover the urban shepherd scheme, focusing on how sheep are being allowed to graze in the confines of the city’s parkland, they didn’t record the massive habitat damage taking place in another area of the city directly because of this programme.

Huge swathes of mature woodland which are home to a wide variety of species ranging from jays to pheasants, are being felled and burnt to create new sheep habitat. Yet this has never even been a sheep grazing area – at least for the past half century. If sheep habitat was required, there is a downland field just five minutes walk away, which has been left fallow, and so could have been used very easily.

It’s hard to understand how a Council where the Greens have a very significant influence, and hope to return a Green Member of Parliament for the first time in the forthcoming General Election could allow this wanton act of enviromental vandalism to occur. This is no different from clearing rainforest for agriculture. Furthermore, disturbing the habitat of breeding birds at this time of year is also a criminal offence, but in spite of being aware of this, the council workers have carried on regardless.

Some of the destroyed area of woodland.

Some of the destroyed area of woodland